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Wright Profemur Z Hip System

Hip Replacement Recall, Defective Profemur Implant

Reports from the Australian Joint-Hip Registry have indicated an 11% failure within three years implantation of the Wright Profemur Z hip system. This is a metal on metal hip implant system. It consists of a two part titanium cementless stem which unfortunately has been shown to fail at the joint between the stem and the cup.

Like the other hip systems the Wright Profemur Z was approved through the 510k process which means there were no FDA pre-market testing or pre-market safety approval prior to the device being released to the marketplace.

The Wright medical device cases that we are intaking are as follows:

  • Conserve Plus cup,
  • Conserve Total Femoral Head,
  • Wright Modular Femoral Neck,
  • Profemur-E cementless stem.

» What is the problem with the Wright Profemur Z System?

We believe that the neck is subject to bending which increases the risk of failure and that the neck can corrode and fail. There is also a clearance issue between the neck and the stem which increases the possibility of failure.

The Wright Profemur Z is a modular system and not a one piece femoral system. It is a two piece component system whereas during the surgery the neck is placed onto the stem. Because of this manner of implantation corrosion can occur. It can cause instability to the neck and the stem.

We are investigating Wright cases where there is need for corrective surgery. We are intaking cases in all 50 states.

If you or a loved one had implanted in them a Wright hip implant and the hip system failed please contact one of our hip intake specialists at 800-718-4658. We have a team of experts including doctors, nurses and hip experts who will review your claim and advise if you have a case. Contact us today. Time is running out.

» How does the Wright Profemur Z Hip implant differ from other types of metal hip implants?

The Profemur Z Hip Implant System is an artificial hip replacement device manufactured by Wright Medical Technologies, Inc. Wright Medical is also the maker of the Conserve Plus Total Hip System.

The Conserve Plus hip features a metal ball and cup that fit together to simulate a natural joint. Unlike other types of artificial hips, the Wright Profemur Z hip features a modular design which includes interchangeable titanium femoral stems that are intended to equalize leg length and reduce recovery time. The stem is flexible, allowing it to bend with the body's natural motion.

The primary issues associated with the Profemur Z is the large number of failures reported involving the artificial femoral shaft. A number of patients who received one of these devices claim the hip stem fractured, which required them to have additional painful revision surgery to correct the problem.

A 2008 report by the Australian Joint Registry concluded that the failure rate among patients who receive a Profemur Z hip was 11.2 percent within the first three years. Considering these devices are meant to last for fifteen years or more, this failure rate is obviously unacceptable. The report also claimed that at least one in nine patients will experience some type of complication stemming from a defective metal hip implant, including:

  • Loosening
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Loss of mobility
  • Decrease in quality of life
  • Tissue damage
  • Joint damage
  • The need for additional surgery

Every day, new lawsuits are being filed against Wright Medical Technologies on behalf of patients who say they were injured by a Profemur Z hip system. If you or someone you love experience complications that you believe were caused by one of these devices, you can't afford to waste any time in contacting a qualified personal injury attorney.

The law firm of Nadrich & Cohen LLP is committed to assisting hip implant injury victims across the country in proving their claims. Contact us today to find out how you can put our team of hip injury specialists to work for you.

» How can I tell if my Wright Profemur Z hip system is failing?

If a Profemur Z hip replacement device has caused serious health complications, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your injuries. Enlisting the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney is the first step in pursuing a defective hip replacement lawsuit.

The law firm of Nadrich & Cohen is currently investigating claims in all 50 states from patients who have experienced adverse side effects after receiving a Profemur Z hip implant. In some cases, patients have required painful surgery to correct the injuries caused by the defective medical devices.

To determine if your hip replacement device has failed, consider whether you’ve experienced any of these symptoms:

  • Loosening or a feeling of instability – If you experience unnatural movement of your hip or leg or a feeling of weakness when putting weight on it, your hip implant may be defective.
  • Swelling and tenderness – If the ligaments or other tissues surrounding your hip become inflamed, this can lead to significant swelling, which may signal a failure of your hip replacement system.
  • Sensation of heat or warmth – Following your hip replacement surgery, you should experience a fleeting feeling of heat or warmth in the hip joint. However, if this condition persists beyond the normal recovery period, it may be an indication that your artificial hip is not functioning properly.
  • Moderate to severe pain – If you experience ongoing pain, whether minor to moderate or a severe throbbing, this may include a serious problem.

If some or all of these symptoms are present, you need to speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer regarding your rights. At the law offices of Nadrich & Cohen, we specialize in helping individuals like you who have been injured through a faulty medical device.

As an advocate for those who have suffered serious side effects after receiving a defective metal hip implant, we strive to achieve the maximum recovery possible on your behalf. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to for your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

If you’ve undergone hip replacement surgery but have yet to experience complications, we recommend that you contact our office to allow for future monitoring of your condition. Contact the experienced professionals at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP today to get the expert legal representation you need and the compensation you deserve.

» Has the Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of the Profemur Z hip system?

As of January 2018, the Food and Drug Administration has not outlined any plans to recall the Profemur Z system or Wright Medical’s other metal hip implant, the Conserve Plus system. This is in spite of urging on behalf of medical professionals and consumer advocacy groups who say the dangers of metal hip implant systems far outweigh their benefits.

To date, the only hip implant systems that have been the subjects of full-scale recalls are the Zimmer Durom Hip System and the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System. DePuy Orthopedics, a division of the Johnson & Johnson Company, opted to issue a voluntary recall of these devices in August 2010 after receiving numerous complaints from hip implant recipients who said the devices left them seriously injured. It’s estimated that some 90,000 patients received an ASR hip implant prior to the recall.

DePuy is currently facing numerous lawsuits filed on behalf of patients and their families who say the ASR implants were defective. The company is also facing multiple lawsuits involving its other metal hip implant, the Pinnacle hip system.

Both the DePuy hip systems and the Profemur Z were approved under the FDA’s 510(k) system, which allows fast-track approval of certain medical devices. In order to get a device approved under the 510(k) system, the product’s manufacturer only has to demonstrate that similar products are already available for sale on the market. With the number of metal hip implant lawsuits rising and the costs predicted to top $5 billion, the approval process is becoming the target of widespread criticism.

If you believe that you may have grounds for a personal injury claim stemming from a defective metal hip implant, you may want to consider joining the hundreds of other individuals that have already filed suit.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can guide you in explaining and defending your rights. The law firm of Nadrich & Cohen LLP is currently investigating hip implant injury claims from patients in all 50 states. Our dedicated team of hip injury experts is committed to ensuring that our clients get the full amount of compensation they're entitled to for their medical bills, lost wages and the pain and suffering they experienced after receiving one of these defective devices.

Put the experienced personal injury attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen LLP to work for you today. We are proud to act as an advocate for the rights of all individuals who were injured by a metal hip implant and we will act as your guide throughout the legal process. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help.

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