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Nadrich & Cohen Charitable Contributions

Nadrich & Cohen is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on the community of California. We believe that by giving back is our way of supporting youth that we are helping to shape, mold and build the future of tomorrow for California and America. We are very involved in many charitable organizations concerning youth. We give time and money to youth disadvantaged charities throughout California such as the Water Buffalo Club. We give to California elementary, middle, and high schools through disadvantaged school programs.

Nadrich & Cohen either presently or in the past has financially supported the following nonprofit organizations:

  1. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  2. AIDS/HIV project
  3. International Red Cross/Emergency Relief efforts for Haiti, Katrina victims, Hurricane Andrew victims, and many other natural disasters.
  4. Water Buffalo Club, a Los Angeles, California men's group which devotes all of its efforts towards fundraising in order to support small Southern California children oriented charities.
  5. Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital, "Presidential Committee"
  6. "Our House", a community house for bereavement for the loss of loved ones
  7. Santa Monica, Heal the Bay Society
  8. Uncovering Islamic Jihad in America, The Investigative Project - Steve Emerson
  9. Children's Hospital, Los Angeles
  10. Children's Hospital, Oakland
  11. Traffic Prevention Council of Los Angeles
  12. Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition
  13. Dream House, which provides the last dreams for terminally ill children.
  14. League of Bicycle Coalition
  15. Sierra Club
  16. Greenpeace
  17. Los Angeles Triathlon Club
  18. American Cancer Society
  19. March of Dimes
  20. Doctors Without Borders
  21. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels
  22. American League of Bicyclists
  23. American Leukemia Society
  24. Breast Cancer Awareness

"We contribute to many more charities too numerous to mention."

Organization Members