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Depuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about DePuy, Zimmer and our service for you.

Q: I have experienced hip replacement complications with my DePuy artificial hip. Am I eligible to file a lawsuit?
If you're experiencing hip replacement complications in light of the current DePuy hip replacement recall, you can file a class action lawsuit against DePuy. [read more]

Q: Which artificial hips were included in the DePuy hip replacement recall?
The DePuy hip replacement recall included two DePuy Orthopaedics systems causing hip replacement complications, the ASR XL Acetabular Systems and the ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems. [read more]

Q: What type of experience do you have in handling class action lawsuits?
The Nadrich and Cohen, LLP hip replacement team has handled thousands of class action lawsuits, and garnered hundreds of millions in class action settlements for our clients.[read more]

Q: What does it cost me to be represented by Nadrich and Cohen's personal injury attorneys?
Our personal injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers work on contingency for those considering a class action lawsuit. [read more]

Q: Can your personal injury lawyers explain the problems with ASR hip replacement systems to me?
A personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney will help you understand your potential for a class action lawsuit.[read more]

Q: Are you also handling cases pertaining to the Zimmer hip replacement recall?
The recall of Zimmer hips in 2008 resulted in hundreds of class action lawsuits, and our Zimmer personal injury attorneys are experts in all the issues surrounding the Zimmer recalls as well as the DePuy hip replacement recalls.[read more]

Q: Why do I need a medical product liability attorney for my hip replacement lawsuit?
Those retaining attorneys for hip replacement lawsuits have been the most successful claimants and have gotten the most money. [read more]

Q: Which type of hip replacement lawsuit is best for me?
If the DePuy hip replacement recall (or the Zimmer hip replacement recall) applies to you, our personal injury lawyers can discuss an individual or class action lawsuit with you.[read more]

Q: Is there a timeline on DePuy recalled hip devices that affects filing with a hip replacement lawyer?
Our hip replacement lawyers and hip replacement attorneys can pursue DePuy hip replacement recall class action lawsuits on devices from 2005 and up.[read more]

Q: Can a hip replacement attorney help me to recover medical expenses for monitoring a recalled hip device that hasn't yet failed?
Our hip replacement attorneys/lawyers are here to help you file a hip replacement lawsuit, and current class action lawsuits are including expenses for monitoring artificial hip devices on the Zimmer and DePuy hip replacement recall lists.[read more]

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