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Depuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawyers

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Depuy Medical Bill

Reimbursement Program

When Depuy and Johnson & Johnson made a decision for their worldwide recall of their ASR hips, they set up a so-called medical bill reimbursement program. This program would commit Depuy and Johnson & Johnson to pay a revision victim’s medical bills for the subsequent treatment of the defective ASR hip implant, including follow-up care, potential revision procedures, etc.

Unfortunately, Depuy requires a medical authorization release to be signed by the victim. We disagree vehemently with this requirement because it violates our clients’ and a Depuy’s victims patient’s rights. The release is purposefully general and allows Depuy to obtain any and all medical records no matter how unrelated to the claim against Depuy. We believe that is outrageous. The release allows Broadspire, the adjusting firm that is the outside or insurance adjuster representative of Depuy, to also discuss what happened with the victim (our client), as well as his or her doctors. It also gives them the right to obtain the defective ASR hip implant device if there is a revision procedure.

As Depuy ASR recall lawyers, we deplore this tactic. We believe its purpose is to take advantage of a hip implant victim. The defective ASR device, if removed from a patient’s hip, should not be in Depuy’s possession. We are against Depuy using Broadspire to communicate directly with an ASR implant victim. We represent DePuy ASR clients nationally and communicate on our client’s behalf with Depuy and Broadspire. We handle all the medical billing issues and will not allow Depuy to take advantage of our clients. It is in your best interests to allow us to handle this for you in all dealings with Depuy or Broadspire regarding payment of your medical bills and your additional damages.

This is the approach we take with all of our Depuy, ASR hip implant victims. It has worked well thus far.

If you are interested in learning more please call our DePuy intake team at 1-800-718-4658.

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